1006 Manhattan Avenue · Brooklyn, NY 11222


Usha Veda Yoga   is a neighborhood yoga studio committed to its belief that yoga is for everyone. Here we aim to be receptive to the needs of the community and to make yoga accessible. Whether you are an advanced practitioner, brand new to yoga, or recovering from an illness or injury, there is a class here that is right for you.

Usha Veda also serves as a sanctuary in this busy city — an escape from the bustle and flow of our daily lives, providing us with the opportunity to connect with our higher self. Usha Veda literally translates as “the beauty in truth and knowledge.” We believe that yoga is both a search for one’s own truth and the knowledge to help us find it.

In the Rig Veda, one of the oldest known works of literature in the world, the goddess Usha is the goddess of dawn. It is she who brings forth light and drives away oppressive darkness. She rouses all life, sets all things into motion and sends people off to do their duties. She impels life and is associated with the breath and life of all living creatures. As the dawn, she both reveals and participates in cosmic order and is the foe of all chaotic forces. Usha bestows awareness and activity, bringing forth the light that gives sight to the eyes, giving power to the senses, and stoking the intellect. Usha has been regarded as the light, or the dawn of human consciousness.


At the center of Yogic Philosophy is the belief that our consciousness is our own ultimate reality. Through the yogic processes self-realization develops and instills an inner sense of balanced calm and tranquility. With yoga we begin to peel away the layers of our existence and unite with our deepest, truest self. Yoga practices are in fact designed to release us from the bondage of illusions and return us to the freedom of our natural state.  

Come join us on the journey!





Interior of the studio.